Business embroidery is the best solution to characterize your business with the strength of your story.

The tradition of business embroidery is very old. This type of processing allows each company, reality, business or any other type of activity to be recognized among the mass, to stand out, to be noticed.

Through our close-knit and creative team, we are able to create all types of embroidery to make your company unique and inimitable. Whether it is an embroidered logo, an image, a writing or an ideogram, we are able to carry out any type of request. From the idea to the completed project, we follow you and advise you in all phases of the construction. T-shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, fleeces, sweatshirts, caps, vests, gowns and any material such as fabric or leather, we are able to embroider on everything.

Rely on our experience, we have been in the field of the textile industry for over forty years and since the early 2000s we have specialized in the embroidery sector. Competence, reliability, availability and creativity are the words we like to use to describe us.

Come and visit us in our atelier in Oggiona con Santo Stefano. You will find a solid and structured reality, with an in-house laboratory that allows us to fulfill any of your wishes. The variety of colors, shapes and ideas that we make available to the customer is almost infinite, to date, we have satisfied every customer beyond all expectations.

We are strong on the processes of:
Embroidery cloth
Custom stitching
Personalized patches
Personalized embroidery
Embroidered logo patches
Custom logo embroidery
Company logo embroidery
Embroidered flower fabric
Corporate embroidery
Company embroidered clothing
Personal patches
Custom logo stitching
Corporate logo embroidery

3 August 2020

Detox: dialogue with a project designer

Testing new roads, opening up to the world and creating synergies, Progettiforme® is open and accompanies the future.
20 September 2019

Online embroidery: the Perspective Bucket has arrived

From today you can choose, customize or buy your embroidery online with our Perspective Bucket.
16 September 2019

Embroidered fabric according to ProgettiFORmE®

Embroidered fabric has always been the emblem that characterizes our embroidery company. But what is the process that leads to the embroidered creation?
14 September 2019

The charm of led embroidery

An embroidery that stands out among others, that draws attention and is not easily forgotten. This is the led embroidery!
10 September 2019

Embroidery study in embroidery company

What are the preliminary stages of the embroidery study in embroidery company? Our creative atelier reveals some secrets of this exciting process.
8 August 2019

Embroidery design

The study and embroidery design is what we have been doing for over forty years. Come and discover our atelier in Oggiona con Santo Stefano.
27 July 2019

Embroidery for shoes and uppers

An embroidery for shoes is the best solution to make the steps you take unique and unforgettable. Discover the upper embroidery now!
20 July 2019

The embroidery company of Progettiforme®

Embroidery company in the province of Varese, Progettiiforme designs and manufactures all types of industrial embroidery.
15 June 2019

Laser embroidery with the application of laser cutting technology

Laser embroidery: our embroidery factory produces all types of industrial embroidery, including embroidery with laser cutting technology.