Why embroidery?

ProgettiFORmE® is a constantly evolving company. The search for a more refined and particular style has led us to specialize in the embroidery sector.

Through embroidery we express emotions.
Embroidering, we get right to the point.

Something about us

We are an Italian company operating in the textile sector for about 40 years. Born as a packaging and modeling company, we have specialized in the industrial embroidery field since the early 2000s. Completely Italian style, our reality is flexible and we follow the customer until the embroidery realization on garment or patch. The many years of experience of our staff allows us to always be able to understand the needs of the stylist, the fashion house or the industry and to know how to fulfill them in the best possible way. We will be able to listen to you in every minimum request.

Within our spaces, the professionals of the fashion world can touch the true manufacturing reality. We provide the technical knowledge and know-how necessary to develop and expand any collection, transforming stylistic creations into products with an intense personality. Our strength, in addition to the high quality of the embroidery made, is the service offered. Our deep knowledge of fabrics allows us to be a true consultant available to the customer and we are particularly careful to every detail. Entrust us with your idea, we will give it a shape.

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