Some of ProgettiFORmE® ideas, exclusively designed, already tested on different materials and immediately available.

  • Tokyo Patch

    Fill stitch + 3d embroidery processing of Tokyo patch in hex-color-
  • Fire Opal

    Fill stitch embroidery of one-color Fire Opal.
  • Profilo di Donna

    Tufting processing of one-color Profilo di Donna.
  • Gecko

    Tufting processing of three-colored Gecko.
  • Robottini

    Embroidery in one-color polyester micro-yarn.
  • Eruzione

    Full embroidery processing + lasercut with application of one-color Eruzione.
  • Cosmo

    Cosmo Frost multi-technique manufacturing.
  • Giglio in 3D

    Soft multicolor 3D processing + single color leather application.
  • Tre Rose Vellutate

    Fill stitch embroidery with application of Three Velvety Roses two-tone.
  • Alcuni Cerchi

    Fill stitch embroidery work with application of Cerchi in tetra-color.
  • Bronx

    Embroidery in denim application with full embroidery details.
  • Autoritratto

    Thread embroidery of two-tone Autoritratto.
  • Fiore in 3D

    3D processing on leather.
  • Teschio in Strass

    Processing in rhinestones of different sizes.
  • Multipsill

    Laser processing on polyurethane.
  • Confini

    Fill stitch embroidery with application in gold-colored lacquered fabric with polyester yarn.
  • Maschera Floreale

    Rhinestone Design of Maschera Floreale.
  • Drago Stampato

    Chromoricamo printed of Drago.
  • World Pixel

    Printed Chromoricamo of World Pixel.
  • Embossed Om

    Embossed Om in alcantara.
  • Freccia Tribale

    Processing full lurex embroidery with application of hexacolor Freccia Tribale.
  • Notte Stellata

    Lurex embroidery work of Notte Stellata tetra-color.
  • Giglio a Gessetto

    One-color Giglio a Gessetto full embroidery processing.
  • Stelle Marine

    2 lurex embroidery patches of Stelle Marine tricolor.
  • Gecko

    Lurex embroidery in 3D of tricolor Gecko.

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