Create a product
unique of its kind
which creates wonder,
leaves you breathless


An unmistakable quality that stands out through attention to detail, precision of embroidery and high experience. Love what you do, this is the nature and one of the key principles on which ProgettiFORme® has built and continues to build its strength. Every day we create something new, constantly updating ourselves on new stylistic trends. Fashion is our daily bread, we touch it with our hands, we chew it, it is our best friend. We do not live only on her. We live in her.

The goal we have been pursuing since the 2000s is to create an artistic reference point for the entire local high fashion sector. Our reality is well structured, our team is versatile and full of desire to get busy. We do not fear progress, but we encourage it and we anticipate it compared to the competition. Relying on our team means having to deal with capable and attentive people. We optimize the processing times and our results are always up to the best expectations.

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