Custom embroidery

are our pure being, weaved to your soul. Together they tell a timeless story.


Attention and precision. We transform every request into a detail that embellishes and gives life to a custom embroidery. A new concept for the fashion design: for us it is not only important to dress people well, but we work side by side to support designers in the development of their projects. This allows us to enrich the collections and give the wearer the pleasure of a good feeling. It is our habit to go beyond what the eye can see. We study and apply ourselves to get straight to people's emotions, we want to excite, create empathy and get straight to the heart of those who listen to us.

For us no challenge is impossible, we are able to realize even the most complicated and particular requests. Each new process is a source of inspiration for us, we always like to find new and innovative solutions, so that each process is unique and unrepeatable. Each embroidery reflects the designer's personality, is precisely and aligned with the ideology that is intended to convey and market. When the material to be personalized arrives in our laboratory it is off and anonymous. When it comes out it is alive and full of character. We live by one thing: complete customer satisfaction.

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