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The characterization with industrial embroidery, through the careful study of the design for leather and fabric garments, footwear, textiles and leather for furnishing is what ProgettiFORme® has been dealing with for more than forty years. Industrial embroidery, laser processing and printing are the main techniques implemented by our production laboratory, capable of giving personality to the products, reproducing the artwork and finishes that the designer or fashion house chooses to communicate through the collection. We create any type of characterization and we follow the stylist in all the manufacturing processes, from the idea to the delivery of the material.

Brainstorming and comparison between our team and the customer are the method: a graphic specialist, an industrial process optimizer, an expert prototype, a competent pricer and the client, whether a stylist, designer or fashion house, are the actors who sit around the table of our Perspective Room, generate and evaluate the creative and productive aspects in order to reach a successful collection. We are good, able and eager to give a breath of life to any project we pass through our hands. Our secret is the harmony, from a working and personal point of view. Each team member always receives everything he needs to implement the client's idea. Contact us for further information.

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