Clothing embroidery

A profound characterization. An unique and unforgettable collection.

Clothing embroidery is the element that gives character to the collection. The communicative power expressed by an embroidery has no equal. The colors, shapes and materials chosen outline a specific emotion or sensation, which amplifies the message of the collection. Clothing embroidery is able to transform your creation into the garment of the moment. Everyone will talk about you.

Needle and thread are two simple and at first glance poorly meaningful materials. Unit and assistant to the creation of a powerful communication medium. Colors reflect emotions and emotions happen the pure being of man. Stitch after stitch, we embroider your best memories on you.

Our team has many years of experience in the field of creative embroidery and in the fashion sector in general. We know what the end consumer wants to see imprinted on a garment and we recommend that you best keep your creations reflect expectations, to be perfectly in target. Inside our atelier, located in Oggiona con Santo Stefano in the province of Varese, we have a laboratory equipped with all the necessary materials to make your idea of ​​characterization alive.

There are many elements that can be assigned to make a piece of clothing unique, but clothing embroidery is undoubtedly the one that will attract the most attention. Do not participate in a parade, you are the protagonist of the evening!

Are you afraid of failing in this endeavor? Don’t worry, we have a wealth of experience that is large and varied from all facets of the catwalk world. Whatever the type of parade you want to participate in and the power of the message you want to communicate, we are able to accompany you registered at the end of the project.

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