1 June 2019

Personalized embroidery by ProgettiFORmE®

There are many types of personalized embroidery among which it is possible to enjoy today. Let's see what are the main ones and what are their applications.
1 June 2019

Fabric laser cutting

Cutting-edge technique known for its precision and flexibility, the fabric laser cutting gives the garment a very pleasant finish to the eye and to the touch.
14 March 2019

The ancient tradition of embroidery cloth

Embroidery cloth is a tradition born many years ago, whose purpose is to give character and personality to your favorite garment.
10 February 2019

An custom logo embroidery to cover a hole…

Have you ever thought that a custom logo embroidery to cover a hole could be a fantastic idea to renew a worn garment and give it a second new life?
22 March 2018

Fashion clothes characterization

The characterization of fashion clothes is to make the collection unique on the catwalk, with an embroidery or a detail that will not go unnoticed.
2 February 2018

Haute couture fashion show embroidery

Make the collection unique and personal: the fashion show embroidery gives character to your garments, Progettiforme is waiting for you.