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Tufted processing

Tufted is a process as common as it is unknown. In the world of embroidery, you either hate it or love it and we at Progettiiforme® love it madly. With this technique it is possible to carry out numerous types of processing, going as far as creating customized patches to be applied to the fabric. This process is achieved by grouping several strands of tufts grouped close to each other which, collaboratively, create a beautiful and exciting "soft effect". When adopting the tufting process, you certainly want to obtain a unique effect that does not go unnoticed, as it is the type of embroidery closest to 3D.

Much attention is necessary for the realization of an excellent tufted work, but we at Progettiiforme® boast a fabulous team of experts able to cope with any challenge. Each process allows us to experiment with new arts and new techniques, thus making the final embroidery more unique than rare, you will never find one equal to ours. Each process, tufting more than others, reflects every facet of what the designer wants to communicate through the collection. Through this process it is possible to confer an unparalleled level of characterization. When a material arrives in our laboratory it is silent, when it comes out it has a beautiful voice.

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