A heart that beats.
In our Production,
we dress your idea with shape and personality. We are the cradle of high fashion embroidery.

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Fashion embroidery in simple words

High fashion always requires style and character. The collections are as beautiful as they are personalized. Through embroidery, a stylist or a fashion house can tell in an elegant way what the collection wants to express. From calm and relaxing emotions, to ardent and bulky ones, through the customization of high fashion embroidery, the catwalks will no longer be the same. You too can personalize your clothes through a style that will not go unnoticed. Since the early 2000s we have specialized in the high fashion embroidery sector and since then we have followed the stylist in the various stages of creation.

We have a valid and solid team capable of making what is commonly expressed in words with needle and thread. Every day we discuss and work together to amaze the customer every day with our wonderful creations . We follow a standard work path, however made unique by the always different emotions that accompany the stylist, the fashion house or the client each time. Every time we enter the Perspective Room, the place where our embroidery for high fashion comes to life, we go out full of the emotions and sensations that embroidery has the task of expressing and we become an integral part of it.