Embroidered fabric

When the fabric meets an embroidery there is always a love story that has a beginning, but not an end.

A passion passed from hand to hand.
With needle and thread, for over forty years we have been telling stories that do not fear the passage of time.

The excellence duo

Embroidery is an ancient tradition handed down only in the hands of the most skilled and noble craftsmen. Embroidered fabric is not just a product that is sold to fashion houses or stylists who want to characterize a piece of clothing or a simple fabric. For us, embroidering a fabric means to impress, point by point, the emotions and personality of the client, who has entrusted us with his most precious asset: his story to tell. Whether it is an embroidered logo on fabric or a completely custom design, our production department is able to create any idea you want to express with needle and thread. You are curious? Test us, we will amaze you!

On a fabric on it can embroider almost anything with any material. Our research and development team combined with the most sought after technologies allow us to always be in step with the times and to offer the stylist or fashion house always unique and never seen before solutions. The embroidered fabric is not only a way to embellish a piece of clothing, is a way to create a work that does not go unnoticed, even the most renowned international catwalks. Do you want your collection to be remembered, to be taken as a reference point for your sector? Give it a strong character and impact with our embroideries.

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