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Everything starts from a good project

Today making a good embroidery depends not only from the ability of an artisan. In the industrial production the project is studied and optimized in any single aspect, and the fabric is chosen with care, according to aesthetic, technical and physical features. So, before the making it is necessary to have a clear view and share it with the client, in order not to delude expectations. The result is always a perfect, strong embroidery, made with a production aware of wastes and focused on the final quality.

Not only production

Production is important, but it is not the only part to make a good product. Machinery are always developing, with better precision, higher speed and expanding purposes. In order to exploit these possibilities, it is necessary that the staff working on them is always updated on the production of embroidery and has a strong knowledge of fabrics and techniques.

The strenght of Progettiforme, is not only in the technical avantgarde of machinery, but it is also in knowledge, always upgrading, of those who work here. Starting from a profound awareness in textiles, our designers are specialized and focused on creating embroidery for the industrial production, according to fabrics and their final purpose. A good embroidery is physically made by the machinery, but previous procedures studied during the design tell the machinery how to work, establishing the quality of the final good.


The first step is important to start a path. This is why, even though we do not cover the entire productive process, we are able to assist our clients in the most delicate phases or where needed. be it a preliminary study, the fabrics choice, or the detailing of the project, we will be by your side. For a great start…


The good realization of a final product depends not only from the ability of a single artisan. Today it is possible to program the good realization of a project. Progettiforme is able to support you in any phase of the project, from the design of patterns, to the study of materials and the final draw.


It is not compulsory that a project developed by us is also produced by us. In case the client has a different need (frequent in International realities), Progettiforme is able to provide machinery to obtain an optimal production of high quality.

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