“The negation of the ornament proposed by the modernist movement can’t come to an end; if it’s true that the meaning of the term has changed in time it’s also true that its continuity, followed by negations and appropriation, has built a journey that testifies the importance of such a parameter in the history of architecture”. – Tiziana Proietti

Embroidery and special manufacturing on textiles and leather have found their place only in fashion, lately.  They lost the ornamental function they used to hold in the past, in order to enrich and complete artifacts, making them “less naked”.

The cyclic nature of fashion and technologies, that made easier for factories to produce them, has started again a field that seemed to be neglected. Now, many architects use embroidery in order to enrich furniture and objects.

Progettiforme partners with many fashion industries in order to make real the ideas coming from stylists, from the beginning of the project until its end.

It also is a partner to architects and designers and proposes ornaments always able to respond to any technical need, thanks to its knowledge and competence in the field.

At Decorlab we show our ability in working and cutting leather, in making embroidery with specific techniques such as tufting; it’s possibile to see them both in the permanent exhibition and in the brand new Leonardo room.

Pictures here use the Picturing technique, where the movement of sewing becomes more intense in order to darken the color from grey to black: it’s a technique that defines the border between art and industrial production.

Decorlab is an enviroment to incubate and contaminate ideas, and it’s also the place Progettiforme chose to enter into the field of furniture, keeping an eye on how to blend with different techniques such as sculpture and printing. All those techniques together create the idea of ornament that enrich with beauty and grace any architectonical element.

Pictures are made on a polyester textile, printed with the sublimation technique, on which an embroidery is made with tufting and 3D frost.

We’ll wait for you at Decorlab in via Tortona 31 in Milan, from 17th to 22nd April: you’ll find us waiting for you and eager to show you our coordinated decorations and ornaments!

Because, as we alway say: “details are what make a difference”.